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Fanart - Hellcat & Zero

Today, I draw them :">
Grumman F6F Hellcat ~
and Mitsubishi A6M Zero >u<~

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Hi, gays.

A long time ago these arts were deleted from official site. Do have someboby them in normal condition? Send me, please on PM.

Two pictures under cut.
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Sorry for bad English >\\\\\<

[Cosplay] Part 3 of the White Day shoot

Final part of the White Day series of photos from our little group. It's nearly 3 in the morning, so I'm running out of funny things to preface this with, but I'm sure everyone is here for the pictures, right?

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And that concludes everything, just under 2 weeks late. \o/ By the way, that last pic? Wurst, with mayo. I do not recommend it, unless you happen have no sense of taste.
Some time around 10 or 11 days ago ish, I posted teasers for White Day. Which has come and gone. Some of the time was spent editing, some of the time was spent on real life, but plenty of time was spent waiting for me to be free because none of the others wanted to post the photos under their name. Whether it's because I'm just too awesome at coming up with rubbish to caption the photos with, or that they're just too shy, the end result is a very, very, very late White Day shoot post.

White day is the day when guys return chocolates to the girls who gave them chocolates on Valentine's day. It is a Japanese tradition, and Ulrich was always keen to learn about Japanese traditions. Seeing as there was a war going on, and thus rationing, getting the chocolate was easier said than done, leading to a teeny, tiny little problem on the 14th of March...

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A group pic of us should go here, however, SOMEONE SEEMS TO HAVE DELETED THE EDITED VERSION FROM OUR DROPBOX. So I will edit this in later.

Right, the cast:
U-1224 -- milkandbanana, who also did most to all of the photo edits in a typically anal perfectionistic German way. Was, however, apparently built in Italy, hence the lateness. (Disclaimer: this is a country stereotype joke. Please do not take me too seriously.)
U-ko -- codedredalert, who took time out of her very busy schedule to fill the, uh, role of U-ko and suffered through the day in those ridiculously painful heels.
I-ko -- kiwiwichan, who makes the most epic expressions and is like super adorable and tiny.
I-8 -- ariesdraco, aka me, aka the person who spams this LJ comm with random stuff a little too often, aka the person who should never cosplay cute Japanese boys but did it anyway for the lulz and cut its hair (badly) to do it (badly).
Photog -- I.. er... don't know if he's on LJ. But thank him for putting up with the bunch of us and taking and retaking different shots.

There are more pictures, but I shan't spam everything at once, I think. It'll take away from the lulz to be had. Let it soak in, slowly, like a nice Japanese bath.

[Cosplay] White Day teasers!

Are y'all sick of me yet? Well, it's White Day today, the day when boys return chocolates to the girls who gave them chocolates on Valentine's day. Why do a White Day shoot? Quite honestly? We forgot about Valentine's day, and there was an event at the end of Feb that was kind of a thing.

So why only teasers today? Because the photos are not done. 8'D

Anyway, here is presenting a love story between submarines!

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I swear it was all funnier in my head.
I really want to know what's going on in those comics, because, if I haven't forgotten most of my Japanese, Hellcat is introducing Tom as his and Zero's child?!!!

Sooooo, if there are any translators out there, I will write you any fic you want in any pairing, if you would just please, please, please translate that for me. OAO

Site update... ish

Looks like a good portion of the 'Maine' posts have been moved onto their own individual pages, and the sidebar has more links now. No more having to scroll past a billion pictures to look for them anymore~<3

Last year's April Fools Profiles

On April Fools, Rokuzaki had genderbent the Profile section with cute female chibis and little profile blurbs. However, I haven't been able to find them since. She posted her April Fools logs in the menu to the left of her site, but the profiles she had created seem to be missing.

Does anyone know where they can be found? And if they have been deleted, does anyone still have anything of them saved out? It would be a pity if these things were lost.


Selling: JKMM Manga

So I have this issue. I bought a copy of the manga somewhere at the start of December but to my surprise I also gained a second copy at Christmas.  =w=

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Challenge me

It's so quiet here, I think I want to make some noise. =w= I hope no one minds.

I've been wanting to write (more) fics for this fandom, but sadly, I don't work very well when left to my own devices, so, challenge me? Throw out pairings/scenarios/characters and I'll try to knock five hundred or so words out. Any pairings, any scenarios, kinda like a kink meme, except that I'm not anon. =w= Though, if enough people are interested, we can give that a go too, yes?

Some ideas I have kicking around in my head right now:
- Hellcat, insomnia, "Everyone is going around saying Zero, Zero, around my bedside like a lullaby... all I'm going to see are nightmares."
- EaglexTomcat, bakacouple life in Tokyo Okinawa Japan
- ShermanxTeke, POW
- General interactions between Hellcat and Spitfire
- SpitxMesser, 'investigation'
- Catcest
- Hetalia crossovers
- Sequel to 'Dear Daddy'
- Tentacles x Subs

Yep. So, I will take anything. Throw 'em at me.

On a completely unrelated note, have a preview of my planned JKMM dollies:
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